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YOLO 33 ⇒ team[top kaliber]
I'm not going to play any matchs this year but I will next year

velociity ⇒ team[A Bunch Of Solo’s]
hmm I don't think Kyle van lingen is Astra Curse/ Dale... ?

John-t-w ⇒ team[ancient]
yes Guys its Oblivion Knight(S4OK) we would like to challenge u let me
know when call me or whatsupp at 078 268 1239 or 079 500 3585

John-t-w ⇒ team[GoodDay2DieHard]
yes Guys its Oblivion Knight(S4OK) we would like to challenge u let me
know when call me or whatsupp at 078 268 1239 or 079 500 3585

RanderZz ⇒ team[Ronin]
Dude, can we play at 6 tonight ?

Bones ⇒ team[Team RiZe]

OrionOmnicide ⇒ team[Apex Gaming]
when do you guys want to play

the illution ⇒ team[Team Aeon]
How are we gna play a one man team

RanderZz ⇒ team[Team RaZeD]
Yeah . Can u guys play at 6:30 ?

Ben Potgieter ⇒ team[C4G3D BRAVO]
Scrim me 0836481016 or whatss app

Ben Potgieter ⇒ team[Team Cryptic]
hey guys wanna send a challenge but u have to set ur time zone???

GH05T XVI ⇒ team[Team RaZeD]
Hey looks like we playing you guys for the Lets go Tourney first, when can
you guys play we have till tomorrow night between 6-30 and 8 will suite us

glennZA ⇒ team[Team Insane Nation]
Can you guys play at 8pm tonight?

Leverage Beans ⇒ team[That_Gaming]
Invite meh

xUndying_B4B00N ⇒ team[xUndying_L3G4CYx]
xUndying is the best ever!!!

Cameron Buschkitsearle
Game tonight is 19:00 fine?

Viibrem ⇒ team[NextGen Gamma]
If you guys are keen on playing us feel free to send us a challenge...

whats your whatsapp number for our game ?:)

velociity ⇒ team[Smart-Gaming]
Hey guys, we're playing u in the 1st round , add me on whatsapp to organize
shot :) !

FuL iProZz ⇒ team[Team RiZe]
When are you guys available for round 1 match

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