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AmP_P3ND3GO ⇒ team[F34R GRIFFIN]
I want to scrim u guys on ps3 im not scared of u guys lets see if ur weak
just add me at AmP_P3ND3GO ill be waiting

want to join my team we called xAOx Gaming

add DET_wings13 on PSN

2v2 tonight? 10pm CT?

Holden ZA ⇒ team[F34R Zeus]
Due to site issues these members could not be added by adminin but form
apart of F34R TBG for the Freeze Frag
tournament. http:

Holden ZA ⇒ team[F34R Zeus]
Due to site issues these members could not be added by adminin but form
apart of F34R TBG for the Freeze Frag
tournament. http:

iiGazzy_nF ⇒ team[iiNFECT]
Ready for finals ?

X_oGRIFFINo_X ⇒ team[Quality Gaming Red]
Hey its the leader of SA_CERBERUS_ELITE please lt me know when we doing the
match my number is0712778250 thanks if you don'tlet me know by 5pm today
you forfeit the match thanks

X_oGRIFFINo_X ⇒ team[Quality Gaming Red]
What's let me know when you want to do the game you can find me on what's
app at 0712778250 thanks

kitsearle ⇒ team[RoA Gaming]
My nigga

RoCKnRoLLaH09 ⇒ team[TeamFacultas]
Yo dudes can we play friday night?

Holden ZA ⇒ team[H5 Youth]
The member: H5 Dnvy has been preregistered for the tournament. If there is
an issue please consult with me. I cannot add him as there is an issue with
the addition of players at this time. Regards Admin

X_oGRIFFINo_X ⇒ team[ZoMbIe KiLlerS]
Hey its X_oGRIFFINo_X from sa_cerberus when can we do our game let me know
on whatsapp 0712778250 thanks

RoCKnRoLLaH09 ⇒ team[Xerox Reflex]
Yo dudes when can we play?

That_Pretzel ⇒ team[Rusted Bullets]
yo when can we play this?

RanderZz ⇒ team[H5 Youth]
sup man, can we jam our match at 9 tonight?

Join my xbox 360 team silent warriors

Join my team silent warriors, epic COD games

I want you on my team, I'm starting a team with the best players and I
would like you to join - silent warriors

yo buzz me 07999 11889 for a match FYI u need a wholr team to play
meaning your team must be registered on MWEB

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